Root Canals

People tend to cringe when they hear the word root canal, but here at Canvas Dental, we strive to make you to feel comfortable and as anxious free as possible. We also like to make sure you realize you are in full control and will continually talk to you during such an appointment to make sure you are ok and to let you know what we are doing.

Root canal therapy is a great option for treating severe tooth infections because this treatment helps keep teeth in your mouth that would otherwise have to be removed. Our number one priority is to provide you immediate pain management options if showing signs of severe pain, tenderness or swelling.

After successful root canal therapy, a final restoration is recommended in order to protect your freshly fixed tooth such as a filling or crown. Your doctor will discuss which option will be best for your situation.

What to Expect

Root canal therapy can be done in one appointment; however, it may take multiple appointments due to severity of infection, which tooth is treated or to complete the final restoration procedure.

  • Nitrous/Sedation can be administered upon request
  • For your comfort, numbing jelly and anesthetic will be applied to the areas where work will be done
  • The doctor will then confirm your teeth are fully numb before even starting
  • Once confirmed, a protective barrier called a rubber dam will be placed around your tooth to protect the working area from bacteria
  • The doctor and assistant will then work efficiently and effectively using instruments, handpieces and special materials to work on the tooth and remove all the bacteria
  • If infection is severe or procedure is complex, medication and a temporary filling may be placed at this time with treatment completed at another appointment, otherwise, the procedure will continue
  • Digital x-rays will be taken throughout procedure to confirm treatment progress
  • After the infection is removed, special filling material will be placed inside the tooth and the root canal is complete
  • Depending on the doctor’s initial recommendation and if time permits, the doctor will either place a permanent filling or proceed to the crown procedure
  • Post-op instructions will be provided and your next appointment scheduled if necessary

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My family and I had such a great experience at Canvas Dental!

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What I was most impressed with was Dr. Arismendi and the level of care and understanding he took with my grandmother.

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I can smile with no worries or fear. Great Job Canvas Dental Staff and excellent Patient Care Dr. Arismendi. Thank you again!

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