Night Guards

Grinding your teeth or unintentionally biting down too hard when you sleep can cause pain and damage to your teeth. During your comprehensive examination, we can typically notice when patients have such issues and will discuss in detail further the concerns we see. Fortunately, we can have a custom fit nightguard made for you to help protect your teeth.

What to Expect

15 min – 30 min
First Appointment
  • Impressions of your upper or lower teeth will be taken and sent to the lab
Second Appointment
  • We will try in your night guard to make sure it fits correctly
  • Any necessary adjustments will be made
  • Post-op instructions will be provided

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What Our Patients Are Saying

My family and I had such a great experience at Canvas Dental!

– Gina A.

What I was most impressed with was Dr. Arismendi and the level of care and understanding he took with my grandmother.

– Briana B.

I can smile with no worries or fear. Great Job Canvas Dental Staff and excellent Patient Care Dr. Arismendi. Thank you again!

– Maria S.

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