Sometimes teeth just need to be removed due to various reasons. At Canvas Dental, we want you to feel as comfortable and as anxious free as possible during such an appointment. We make sure you realize you are in full control of this entire appointment and will continually talk to you to make sure you are ok and to let you know what we are doing.

Importance is stressed in filling the missing space because there are many consequences if it isn’t taken care of. Teeth may begin to shift, tilt and supraerupt, causing even further and more expensive problems down the line. Bridges, implants and dentures are great options to fill missing spaces, which your doctor will go over with you to see which would be best for your situation.

What to Expect

  • Nitrous/Sedation can be administered upon request
  • For your comfort, numbing jelly and anesthetic will be applied to the areas where work will be done
  • The doctor will confirm your teeth and gums are fully numb before even starting
  • Once confirmed, the doctor and assistant will work efficiently and effectively using special instruments to remove the tooth
  • If your doctor deems it necessary, a hand piece may be used and is normal
  • Once the tooth is removed, the site is cleaned and washed out with special solution
  • If an implant is planned, sometimes a bone graft is placed to preserve bone height
  • Sutures may be placed at this time and gauze is used to stop the bleeding
  • Post-op instructions will be provided and your next appointment scheduled if necessary

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Today was an awesome experience. Everyone made my seven year old feel super comfortable with her visit. They took the time to explain everything so she knew what to expect.

– Amy M.

Amazing first time visit and so glad I found this dentist. Honest, clean and super capable. You will be glad you went here. He is our new family dentist!

– Eileen B.

Had a really great experience with this office! The staff is all really kind and friendly and the doctor does great work. I’ll definitely be going back there for all my dental work from now on!

– Matt D.

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