Once bacteria gets through the protective enamel shield “the white part of your tooth you see when looking in the mirror”, it can eat away the inside of your tooth very quickly. The problem with really large cavities is placing a filling isn’t always enough to protect your tooth and may actually weaken and possibly break your tooth later on causing even bigger problems. This is when a crown is recommended for best long-term protection.

What to Expect

2 Appointments
First Appointment
  • For caps in the smile zone, a tooth shade may be decided upon together to make sure the cap matches your tooth color
  • Photos may be taken during this time that will be sent to the lab for color matching accuracy
  • Nitrous/Sedation can be administered upon request
  • For your comfort, numbing jelly and anesthetic may be applied to the areas where work will be done
  • An impression will be taken to help create a temporary cap while your permanent cap is being created in the lab
  • After confirming the tooth is ready for treatment, the doctor and assistant will work efficiently and effectively together to remove all of the bacteria and infection and prepare the tooth to allow a cap to be placed using a variety of instruments and handpieces
  • The doctor may place filling material to build your tooth back up to a support a crown and once everything is adjusted, a final impression will be taken that the lab will use to make your permanent crown
  • A temporary cap is then made to protect the tooth during the time the lab is processing your crown
  • Post-op instructions will be provided and your next appointment scheduled for placement of your permanent crown
Second Appointment
  • Nitrous nor anesthetic is typically unnecessary for placing the permanent crown, but we will administer if you or the doctor find it necessary
  • The temporary crown will be removed
  • The permanent crown will be tried in and adjustments made to assure proper fit and that your bite is right
  • Digital x-rays may be taken to confirm fit as well
  • Your permanent crown will be cemented followed by final adjustments and polish
  • Post-op instructions will be provided and we will then let you see your beautiful smile

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